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Tile & Grout Ceaning

Our tile and grout cleaning service includes our professional hot water extraction method, using a patented tool designed specifically for cleaning tile and grout. Our powerful truck mounted cleaning system will restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tile and grout quickly and economically, and your floors will sparkle once again. The difference a professional cleaning of your tile and grout will be amazing!

tile and grout cleaning
Carpet and Rug Cleaning

At North County Carpet Cleaners
Tom uses steam cleaning technology to sanitize and disinfect carpets, rug, and upholstery. Using a combination of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deep into surface pores, eliminating dirt, grease, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs, allergens, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants. Tom also per-treats stains to ensure their removal.

Paso Robles carpeting cleaning
Sofa, Loveseats and Chairs

Tom uses the same steam technology to clean upholstery such as couches loveseats and chairs. 
Toms equipment removes 95% of  the water from your carpet and upholstery, leaving it barely damp to the touch. Ensuring that things are completely dry in hours.

upholstery cleaning
The Benefits You will Enjoy
  • Our Services are always Guaranteed!

  • No Sticky Detergent residue

  • Your carpet stays cleaner longer

  • Safe for your family and pets

carpet cleaning
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